Lifetime Replacement Warranty

Beginning November 2014, all parts we sell are covered under our Lifetime Parts Warranty. Purchases made prior to November 1st, 2014 are covered under our 12 Month Warranty.

All warranty claims MUST be approved by us in writing before returning the part to us. Your Warranty claim is NOT considered approved until we provide you (in a direct message from us) with a specific return address to send the part back to. Before we can approve your warranty claim, you will need to provide Proof of Purchase from the website you made your purchase on. This can be the original packing slip from the box, or a purchase confirmation email message received when you completed checkout.

All warranty claims beyond 30 days of purchase are for EXCHANGE ONLY, and are subject to availability of the part from one of our current suppliers at the time of your warranty claim. If we cant get the part, you must wait until it is available. Parts can be replaced only once under our Lifetime Warranty program. There is no coverage past the first replacement.

You MUST INCLUDE the following when returning the part to us:
1) A copy of your Original Invoice or Note with your Order ID #
2) A note stating "WARRANTY EXCHANGE" in big letters INSIDE the box with the returned part.

One challenge may be getting any defective part that is currently installed on your vehicle swapped out for a replacement. This is a reality of purchasing any product online. You wouldnt walk in to your local parts store empty handed and ask them for a Warranty Replacement. You need to return something before you can receive a replacement. In addition, just like your corner auto parts store does not pick up parts from your house, you are responsible for return and re-delivery shipping costs for a Warranty Replacement.

As posted in our online purchase policies, we will not refund any labor costs incurred by you or the installer of the part. You assumed all risk of additional labor costs when you chose to purchase your own part rather than pay a substantially higher price to your mechanic for the same part.

Common Sense Prevails. Our Lifetime Warranty is designed to cover against actual manufacturer defects in the parts we sell. If your part went bad through the normal course of its useful life, we may deny your warranty claim. Things like brake pads & wiper blades wear out through normal use. These types of claims are NOT COVERED by our Lifetime Warranty.

INTERNATIONAL BUYERS: If at any time the part (before or after installation) is removed from the continental United States, all Warranties, Guarantees, and Claims are VOID. Out of US orders are verified at time of purchase based on shipment to freight forwarding service providers.