Yes, Free Shipping on ALL orders.* We're trying something new, by offering free shipping on all orders. NO Minimum order size of $50, $100, or $250 like many of our competitors. Free shipping on everything sounds better.

*Free Shipping to 48 states in the US. (If you are placing a large quantity order for shipment outside the 48 continentail US states, let us know. We may be able to extend our Free Shipping offer for larger orders going off the mainland.)

Overnight & Express Shipping

At this time, we do not offer overnight or express shipping options. Not even if you pay for it. Sorry, our automated shipping system doesn't do well when we do something different for one order. The good news is, 99% of the orders we receive during business hours are packed and shipped the same day. Our official quoted delivery time runs 5-10 business days, but we have had many customers tell us their part arrived much faster.

International Shipping

At this time 123AutoParts is not offering direct international shipments. For many of our international customers our prices are just too low to pass up, so they work with an international freight forwarder. Should you chose to use the services of a freight forwarder, please keep in mind the following:

- You are responsible for all delivery and (if necessary) return expenses beyond the US delivery address provided in your order.
- All fees and liability once your order is delivered to the US address you provide is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.
- Purchases are completed on our website, just like any other purchase. We ship to the US address you provide during checkout.
- If you pay with a credit card, it must have a US billing address. PayPal payments must be made using seasoned PayPal account.
- Who you chose to use for your freight forwarding is up to you

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